I don’t love myself enough to love you. Painful to admit, but I’m feeling free.
I want to spit my whole life onto the floor, and then create another mouthful so there can be a part of me I have yet to dislike. My heart is aching.

Someone saying I love you is like being vouched for. If I love you’s were money they would determine your value. You see I love myself, but can you take from your own account?

Relationships are able to run sour. My friendships have run sour when in the beginning it was the sweetest thing I’ve tasted. Friendship has always been sweet on my tongue. My tongue is now tasteless.

As I mutter Charmuta in anger I realize my great grandmother may have said the same thing, in another time. She has long since been dead, but for a moment I felt all the woman like us ghost pass my lips.

You want me to make an effort to understand your interests. You are offering a part of yourself to me and I’m not sure if it’s a part that I want. To truly love someone you need to love them in their entirely. I do not love you.

I remember a time when you both would smile as I passed. When you both would wave me over just to share a laugh. Today I saw you both laughing. I smile. Neither of you smile back.

MashAllah this blog is really nice. May Allah help us all Ameen please remember me in your duas:) oh may i also ask where r u from?

Asalamu Alaykum! I will. :) Sorry for having not posted lately. I’m from the US.